How to make a doctor's salary with just a phone and one simple skill

We teach people how to master sales, get placed with great offers, and make $10-30k/month in commissions by closing high ticket deals

"It was worth every penny. I'm set up to make $200K plus."

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"I made $10K in profit in my first month."

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"I made $7K in commissions in November working 3-4 hrs per day"

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"Closer Cartel has been amazing. I've been in the program for like 3 weeks and I already have an offer."

Tyler M.
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"I had a phenomenal experience. If you're thinking about joining, you will not regret it. I guarantee it."

RJ Richmond
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"People hop in and in a couple weeks they're making $10K a month"

Ryan D.
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"The best aspects of Closer Cartel are the community and the confidence its given me."

Kishan R.
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"Luke does a fantastic job. Closer cartel has really changed my life."

Adam Kamal
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High Ticket Closer | B2B

"Sales is EVERYTHING, and this the BEST sales course out there for beginners."

Christian Tonon
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High Ticket Closer | B2B

"If you're interested in sales, It's a no-brainer."

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Our Pillars

Succeeding in sales can be difficult. Luckily, we have broken it down to four simple pillars


Sales education is something we are passionate about. That is why we have over 50+ hours of in depth sales training.



Closing high ticket deals requires skill, and the best way to learn is from someone who has mastered sales.



A good salesperson is nothing without a good offer. That is why we provide world class offers to our students.



Sales is a solo sport, but not with closer cartel. Our community is one of the best and ensures that everyone is on the same mission.


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